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Sarang Semut with its scientific name Myrmecodia Pendans is an epiphytes plant attached to other larger plants, but not parasite used as an ant nest. Other common names are Rumah Semut Sumatra , Ulek-Ulek Polo Java , Lokon, Suhendep, Nongon Papua , Periok Hantu, Peruntak, Sembuku Malaysia , Bay Ki Nan, Ki Nam Gai, Ki Nam Kin Vietnam . This plant belongs to Hydnophytinae Rubiaceae family and comprises an ant maze inside which used as a hole to do their activities. Although the plant is unusual, but its owned medicinal values are remarkable.
Sarang Semut was first introduced in the rural of Papua located in Eastern Indonesia commonly used by local people. This plant is processed as a porridge blended and also as a drink to strengthen immune body system. In addition, it is also used as drugs for various internal ailments. It can also be found in Peninsular Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Australia as well as Solomon Island.
Technically, immune stimulant substances will help and protect the body cells in order to perform their jobs well, so the cell disruption diseases can be prevented and treated. The most often of this disease is cancer.
Sarang Semut belongs to Rubiaceae family with 5 genuses. However, only 2 of which have association with ants. They are Myrmecodia 45 species and Hypnophytum 26 species . From those species, only Hypnophytum Formicarum, Myrmecodia Pendens and Myrmecodia Tuberosa are considered to have medicinal value. Generally, part of plant used as remedy is its hypocotyl caudex by drinking its boiling water decoction .
Empirically, Sarang Semut has been proven can treat various ailments such as cancer and tumor, uric acid, coronary heart disease, hemorrhoids ambient , tuberculosis, migraine, arthritis, and leukemia.
Besides to prevent and cure cancer, Sarang Semut also effective to help cure a variety of cardiac diseases, rheumatism, nose allergic, nosebleeds, sneezing, stroke, lung diseases, ulcers, kidney dysfunctions, and prostate. Even sore pains, accelerate woman’s breast milk and blood vessels, liver, and even restore sexual desire can also be derived from the efficacy of this plant.
Moreover, the herbal ingredients can inhibit antioxidant enzymes that can trigger uric acid and free radicals. For diabetics, this plant can also become a must-try alternative because the substance content produced by ants can neutralize the blood sugar levels.


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