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Product Description

Our plant is a professional Russian manufacturer of modular bolted tanks. Stainless steel tanks are manufactured based on South-Korean technology at our modern equipment using latest technologies and instruments. We implement input quliality control check of all materials used for tanks' manufacturing, including chemical composition check in the laboratory.

Stainless steel modular sectional bolted water tanks ICEBERG
- Shape: cylindrical and rectangular
- Capacity: from 0.5 to 30,000 cbm tons .
- Installation: outdoors and indoors at rooms, roofs, basements, etc. .

Strengthening structural elements provide additional inflexibility and resistance to any unfavourable conditions of environment whether earthquakes, high wind or snow loads.

Main distinctive features of these reservoirs are the follows:
- structure is designed in such way that complete leakproofness of the tank is provided without using polimeric liners;
- unique design of connection between panels, due to which stored in the tank product doesn't contact with gasket, only with stainless steel.
- excluding supporting frame, all external and internal elements of reservoir are made of stainless steel, including whole reservoir's body, ladders, branch pipies, hatches, manholes, internal pillars, ridgepoles and external sheathing.

Considering unique corrosion-resistant properties of stainless steel, construction of “Iceberg” water tanks provides stunning durability and unsurpassed hygiene, that allows to use such reservoirs in scopes with the highest requirements and sanitary-hygienic standards. That's why often such water tanks are used for potable water storage.
Besides, ICEBERG tanks are also used as fire tanks, as tanks for foamer, for storage of low-aggressive chemical liquids, dilute acids, majority of alkalis, beverages, bulk products, etc.

Cylindrical water tanks are produced with a capacity from 5 to 30,000 cbm 1,300 – 7,920,000 gallons . We have standard sizes of typical water tanks, but also design by customer's order. Design can be made using thermal insulation or without it.

Rectangular water tanks are produces with a capacity from 0.5 to 5,000 cbm 130-1,320,000 gallons and are made by individual order, of any shapes taking into account specificities of the room.

All tank can be accompanied with any technological elements and additional equipment.

- Only high quality stainless steel
- Incredible durability and hygiene
- Environmental friendly
- Sollution No.1 for drinking water storage
- Compact package, delivery to any hard-to-get regions
- Fast assembling and disassembling
- Installation outdoors and indoors
- Installation at limited space
- With thermal insulation and without
- Any additional equipment
- Exploitation at low temperatures
- Seismic stability
- Resistant to high wind and snow loads
- Unique modern technology
- Short terms


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