Valuetek 65 inch Smart Touch Screen And Touch TV And Touch Display

Valuetek 65 inch Smart Touch Screen And Touch TV And Touch Display

Price : USD 2848 - 2888 Per Set(s)






1 Year

Minimum Order Quantity


1 Set(s)

Production Capacity


400 Set(s) Per Month

Delivery Time


3-5 days

Packaging Details


carton boxes and wooden box

Payment Methods


T/T , Western Union

Valuetek is a collection of wisdom education and business and digital hardware, software and system platform,product development, manufacturing and sales in one of the national... (Read More)

Product specifications

Screen size
65 Inch
Dispaly ratio
Backlight type:
Place of origin
IR Touch Type

Product Description

Valuetek Interactive Display B3 series

The Valuetek Interactive Display B3 series is your digital hub for global collaboration, connecting remote teams on all sorts of devices. Looping in more minds for brainstorming sessions and presentations generates better plans and smarter ideas. The next game changer for your business is only one productive meeting away.

Valuetek Interactive Display B3 series is designed for an intuitive user experience that evokes inspiration. Write seamlessly over your own device content with a brand new user interface design which brings you less clutter and more efficiency. With more responsive IR touch technology, and 4K Ultra High Definition resolution, Valuetek B3 lets you collaborate on content better without limits.

Valuetek Meeting software workspaces are unbound and virtually unlimited. Workspaces expand as you add files, include links and write notes. There is enough room for your team biggest ideas.


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