Vibro-proof elastomeric material Nowelle®

Vibro-proof elastomeric material Nowelle®

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NTC Rezina LLC was founded in Moscow, Russia, in 1993. We export rubber belts, rubber compounds, rubber sheets, vibro-proof materials. (Read More)

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Damping material Nowelle® mod.1 is a polymer composite material designed for isolating multifrequency vibration but is more efficient in a low frequency – to 160 Hz. Nowelle® mod.1 is highly resistant to harsh chemicals, such as industrial or automobile oils, petrol, weak acid solutions and alkali solutions. Its high strength and fatigue characteristics allow to use Nowelle® in building footing, locate a vibratory source, isolate work or living space from vibration.
1.10 - 700x700 mm, thickness 10 mm; dynamic modulus 10 MPa; mechanical loss factor 0,25; incompressibility 700 t/m2; Life-cycle - 50 years.


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